Meet my French Bulldog Girls

Biscuit is my cream girl carrying a variety of color. She is out of my Cheri Beri and a black masked fawn male. She, like both parents, is small and compact with a great frenchie head!

Not quite a year old here. Mya is my blue sable girl with beautiful color in her background. Chocalope is my gorgeous chocolate girl. These are sweethearts!

I have 2 Blue Cream sisters I'm keeping from by blue cream male Kodi. I love their color and they are inseparable! So sweet

Cookies and Cream (Cookie) is the darker one. I love her cream markings. She has a blue mask, nose AND BELLY LOL. Lilly is the lighter one, she also has the blue mask and nose.
They are both very well proportioned with beautiful flat faces and gorgeous frenchie heads. They are 10 months old now and I can't wait to see what colors they bring into this world!

My black masked red fawn girl Cheri Beri